Coca Cola Times Square - Content Refresh

(work in progress)

Every single billboard in Times Square can show big content, but only one of them can move.


In 2017, Coca Cola introduced the world’s first 3d robotic billboard, creating a multisensory experience for the 300,000 people who pass through the busy Manhattan intersection each day. To cater to the board’s new capabilities, Coca Cola has challenged their in-house creative team and agency partners to reconsider the content in order to make the board stand out and reestablish the board as the icon it has always been known as.

New approach:
We should use the sign for what works best on it. Bold washes of color, and large graphics. We should use its kinetic capabilities to enhance the message and design to create an experiential feeling, rather than simply making it move because it can. 

Credits: KO:OP, BUCK, more

Ambient Content

The intent of the ambient programming, which will be the bulk of the content, will be to restore the sign to its iconic stature. To achieve this we will lean heavily into Coca-Cola brand iconography—the color palette, the ribbon, the bottle shape, the script, the bubbles, the liquid, etc.

Ambient Content: simple, clever, bold, iconic and in motion like no other.

City Lights (Ambient)

Animation/mock up coming soon.


Neon Sign

billboard has technological issues, undergoing repair. in order to show movement without the 3d capabilities, the neon sign series is a immediate fix that still has the same bold, simple, iconographic feel. nostalgic, movement while 3d board is being repaired.

Coke TSQ Neon Design 06%2F26 (2)4.jpg
Coke TSQ Neon Design 06%2F26 (23.jpg
Coke TSQ Neon Design 06%2F26 (2)7.jpg
Coke TSQ Neon Design 06%2F26 (2)2.jpg

Expressive Content (Coming soon)

Bold Simplicity

From afar, you can always recognize the Coca Cola red. new approach helps coca cola stand out from the rest of time square. easily recognizable, iconic.

All images are taken from instagram, to show how the new approach helps Coca Cola stand out with its red color and iconic imagery.

Screen Shot 2018-08-27 at 10.24.01 AM.png

Process and Concepting

Coming soon