I'm Sally, and I like to make stuff.


I am a graduate of The Creative Circus and have a year of industry experience on my belt as a Jr Art Director at an ad agency. I am currently freelancing around Atlanta and recently picked up a little side hustle helping teach painting classes while I look for my next big move.

In my spare time, I take on oil paintings and custom invitation design, but more importantly, I love holding leaves. 

I recently purchased a house in Atlanta, which means I'm here to stay. Some call that "settling," but I consider it establishing roots so that I can grow. It also means I asked Santa for a new driveway instead of a pony, and my weekends are spent mowing the lawn instead of sunbathing on it. 

If you have a project in need of some creative energy, I'd love to help. I accept Pinot Grigio as a form of payment. 

Contact: stmills1127@gmail.com




Clients + Accounts

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Studio Stuff

Want to see how this stuff is made? Click below for studio stuff.. and other stuff behind the scenes.