Logo Design: The marriage of concept and craft to capture the voice or story behind an entire brand. 


Mitsubishi Electric

Performance Builder

Mitsubishi Electric is at the forefront of home comfort innovations. The Performance Builder Program is a new service offered by Mitsubishi Electric that helps address today's demanding home buying concerns by making their Zoned Comfort Solutions an integral component of your modern, high-performance, healthy home.


SM_PAWGUA FINAL_3.22-02.png


Pet Water Flavor Enhancer

 Coca Cola is taking its beverage expertise into the pet industry. Pawgua helps ensure your furry loved ones meet their daily water requirements by encouraging water consumption with an easy & convenient, low-calorie water additive. Logo needed to communicate “hydration” and “pet,” primarily dogs but with the possibility to extend to cats.


Mitsubishi Electric

Diamond Leadership Conference

The logo is a visual metaphor for  the conference theme, "Vision, Dedication, Success." The logo structure can be broken down into three different elements, representing those three themes for each of the three days.

The interaction between the shapes and lines suggests the fleeting idea of "vision," the grounding foundation of "dedication," and the combination of the those to drive towards achieving "success."



Personal Branding

Zebra Print

My rebranded personal identity was inspired by my spirit animal, the zebra. No two zebras are alike, and just like human fingerprints, all zebras have a different stripe pattern. The stripes in the logo are actual my fingerprint.

Personal Branding

Stuff by Sally

An early personal logo, this used a combination of my initials to create an elephant, symbolizing “big ideas, clean design.”

Morocco Logos-04.png

Paper Palace

Moroccan Party Decorations

A Moroccan-inspired paper decoration line that encouraged children to create their own magical palaces from materials like streamers and lanterns.


Train Accessories

The first Plasticville product was a plastic fence, marketed as a Christmas tree accessory. By 1950, Plasticville was the most popular brand of toy train sets in the United States.


Baby Products

This logo design adds a modern softness to Infantino's branding that appeals to the parents purchasing its products while staying connected to the youngsters that inspire the product line.



 A logo created for a Coca-Cola Freestyle Flavor from Moe's Southwestern Grill. The MoeRita is a lemon, lime and orange flavored margarita mix. 

Made during an internship at FOCUS Brands for Moe's Southwestern Grill. This logo option was Coca-Cola's 2nd favorite to be used for the new drink flavor. 

Quill Invitations

A Design Boutique

 The logo represents the combination of computer and handcraft as vital components in beautiful invitation design.

Zombie Pub Crawl

Event Rebrand

Logo design for the Atlanta Zombie Pub Crawl, a dirty drinking event that happens once a year.

Atlanta Braves

Zombie Night

 Logo explorations and color samples for the Atlanta Braves' annual zombie night. Design places easily on t-shirts, baseball caps and other promotional merchandise from the event.

SmartPhone Medic

Overnight Repair Service

The SmartPhone Medics will clean up your broken smart phone and make it as good as new.