Lebron James Joins the LA Lakers

Out of Home Activation in L.A., social media campaign, Point of Sale pieces

To celebrate Lebron’s first home game with the LA Lakers, Sprite released a series of OOH boards in LA Live, right outside of the Staples Center, in addition to actively engaging in the conversations on social media and extending their reach to point of sale and promotional merchandizing.

Even with a tight turn around time, limited assets and resources AND a cease and desist letter from the NBA/Pepsi, we managed to spread the spirit of Lebron and Sprite throughout Los Angeles.

A collaborative effort between KO:OP and Social Center.

Imaged borrowed from someone’s instagram post. I did not take this photo.

Imaged borrowed from someone’s instagram post. I did not take this photo.

Purple and Gold Takeover

We changed the classic green of Sprite to purple and gold for one day only to celebrate our #1 star going to L.A.

It’s a small change, but by coordinating our digital OOH billboards, social channels, and limited run of cans to all turn purple and gold at the same time, we’ll make a big impact and create even more buzz around Lebron.

3180033_13e_Sprite_LBJ_First Game_OOH_HotelHorizontal_Lakers_768x432@72x-100.jpg

Out of Home

LA Live: Purple + Gold

Hotel Vertical LED Mesh, Hotel Vertical, Hotel Horizontal

3180033_26b_Sprite_LBJ_First Game_OOH_HotelMockUp_Lakers.jpg

Social Media Activation

In preparation for the big game, KO:OP collaborated with the Social Center to utilize the OOH assets across social media. A library of animated gifs were ready to post in real time to stay active in the conversation.


Social Media Engagement + Interaction

Lebron Comment.png
SI Comment.png

Real Time Content

Credit: Social Center


(Credit: Social Center)


Good to be King

LA Live outside of the Staples Center, OOH Activation

LA Live Microsoft Square Towers2.jpg
LA Live Hotel Vertical, Horizontal, Mesh.jpg

Convenience Retail / Point of Sale

standee, merchandizer, window poster, static cling

Standee insitu.jpg

In-Venue Cups

It isn’t ‘illegal’ to use a black cup for Sprite, but venturing outside of their classic green is definitely a sensitive subject with brand standards. Fortunately, they allowed an exception.




Social Center

Sprite IMC